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Ponta do Ouro is booming. There’s a new road, almost finished, and the locals are building their guesthouses and expecting great things. Certainly, it’s becoming easier to get there. When I first visited Ponta in the early nineties, it took two full days, and sometimes three, to get to the Ponta beach front from Johannesburg. The roads from Mbazwana (near Sodwana Bay) were all still soft sand. By August 2018, you will be able to drive from the Ponta border post to the Ponta main beach within about 20/30 minutes and for the most part, on tar.

Last month, I had a portfolio of my work featured in a  South African magazine – The Intrepid Explorer. The photographs were taken from a variety of underwater locations from around the world. I tried to highlight the diversity of life under the ocean. It is so exciting and I love what the Intrepid Explorer brand stands for! Cannot wait to do more work for the magazine in the future.

It’s August 2016 and here I stand, with five strong women on the rocks of Sea Point Cape Town feeling privileged to have been given the opportunity to be photographed and interviewed for this prestigious magazine. This edition has recently hit the shelves in South Africa, so if you want a copy then they are readily available. Each of the 5 women have bought something different and profound to the table and I hope you enjoy our stories?

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