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Leadership magazine

Leadership Magazine – What lies beneath

Leadership magazine is aimed at dynamic middle and senior business managers and directors, entrepreneurs, an influential political class and those who aspire to leadership roles, across all sectors of the economy. The magazine provides insights and…

The Intrepid Explorer – Life through the lens

Last month, I had a portfolio of my work featured in a  South African magazine – The Intrepid Explorer. The photographs were taken from a variety of underwater locations from around the world. I tried to highlight the diversity of…

Forbes women of Africa – Water Warriors

It's August 2016 and here I stand, with five strong women on the rocks of Sea Point Cape Town feeling privileged to have been given the opportunity to be photographed and interviewed for this prestigious…

TEDx talks – Fiona Ayerst conservation photography

My journey into water How I managed to live a life mostly submerged and why? Words make people think but pictures make them feel. I delve into the mere-exposure effect and how images from our…

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