Expectant mum underwater photoshoot

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When everyone's personal photoshoots are starting to become a bit similar, make yours stand out by being truly one of a kind: a mermaid photoshoot, directed and led by professional underwater photographer Fiona Ayerst. Live out your dream of becoming a gorgeous fantasy creature on the world-renowned beaches of Auckland Northshore in this 60-minute beach photoshoot. You'll be fitted with a mermaid tail that comes in an array of colours and styles. Match it well with your chosen swimwear and you'll be the most beautiful mermaid on the beach! For adventurous mermaids, you can also select an underwater photoshoot in one of Northshore swimming pools. Underwater shoots are especially popular during winter months, allowing you to enjoy the heated water of the indoor pools. Fiona will carefully lead you in a variety of great mermaid poses to make your photoshoot truly unique. This is a truly unique experience that will definitely let you live out all your mermaid dreams!
Makeup, photoshoot and edited digital photographs (20-25)
On day payment with Cash, Mastercard, Visa or Efpos
Delivery of digital products within five working days of photographic shoot
Unless requested, photoshoots take place on Auckland's Northshore
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Frequently asked questions

Well, I am Fiona your photographer. I am a passionate underwater photographer and lover of everything in the Oceans, Originally I was born in Kenya before moving to South Africa in my youth. Today I am located on the Northshore of Auckland. Here I spend my time exploring and photographing the oceans of New Zealand and the Southern Pacific Islands.

All my photoshoots take place on public beaches or in public swimming pools. However, I do try to select times and locations with the highest level of privacy possible. If you have a swimming pool or special place (within the Auckland area) where you would like the photoshoot to take place, then I am more than happy to accommodate your needs.

Definitely no! All my underwater photoshoots are done with models using breath-hold only. You only need to hold your breath for 10 seconds for me to capture a great image. If you are not confident in the water, I am happy to spend time giving you a quick tutorial on breath-hold techniques and how to pose underwater. If you, however, feel unconfident in the water, please select one of my beach-based photoshoots.

Apart from yourself, all you will need to bring the bathing costume/dress/costume (excluding mermaid tails) that you would like to be photographed in. I do supply a range of additional props to bring an extra sparkle to the photo shoot.

If you would prefer to do your own makeup, please ensure that it is waterproof and you have applied this before arrival.

Photoshoots occur in the swimming pools and beaches of Auckland's north shore. If you cannot travel or would like me to travel to you for a photographic shoot, then please send me an email message so that I can offer you a quote.

I will lovingly edit the photographs for five working days before delivery. I will then send you a Dropbox link that you can use to download your 20 finalised photographs.

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