I’m back in East London chasing the Sardine Run.I wrote about the run last year and noted that the seething mass of kilometres long of shiny wriggling sardines just wasn’t there. Where is this magnificent spectacle; a formation of silver fish creating a shimmering mountain during their annual migration to warmer waters; spawning along the way. In the 90’s people wrote of shoals up to 10 km long, 2 km wide and 30 meters deep. I only have two days here in June 2016 but I will be back to try again in about a week. The air has been warm and the sea cold; perfect for sardines (and for humans) .There are plenty of common dolphins and small balls of red eye round herring (Etrumeus teres).


We also had an unforgettable interaction with a very curious humpback whale, that swam around the boat once and had a really good look at the 4 of us in the water. Here are some photos from these two days. I hope there will be more in about 3 weeks time. Maybe we will find the elusive mother load? I’m holding thumbs and praying to- ‘the old gods and the new’- with apologies to one of my fave shows, Game of Thrones