Expeditions to join

Annually, I take clients on some of my expeditions. If you have a yearning for far-flung corners of the globe, join me on some (or all) of my trips. The trips I have planned for 2017/18 can be viewed here. If you wish to join in on any or all of them then please take a look at the relevant box for more information on your trip of choice.  During these trips I do not teach photography formally but I will be over-joyed to help you should you require advice and assistance.

Expedition: Snow Leopard 2018

  • Location: Ladakh,  North West India
  • Dates: 1 – 14 March 2018

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DSC_5106Expedition: Sardine Run 2017

  • Location: East London, South Africa
  • Dates: 21 – 27  May 2017  OR  11 –17 June 2017

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imagesExpedition: Zanzibar 2017

  • Location: Zanzibar, Tanzania
  • Dates: April 2017  &  November 2017

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