Writing and copy editing

I am a prolific writer and have been accused of being somewhat of a literary snob. As a result of my huge appetite for books and reading I have built up a love for grammar and vocabulary. I specialise in writing on environmental and natural history issues and so I prefer copy edit or proof-read that type of work. I am however, a trained lawyer as I practised as an attorney for fifteen years. Thus, I am able to assist with legal manuscripts too.

If you would like to view some of my most recent work then you can do so on my sister site under my acquisitions page . Some of the pieces are protected with a password but if you are interested in reading them drop me a line and I will send on the password.You can see some of my published work in downloadable PDF format here

If you prefer to remain on this page then here is an excerpt from my latest offering on the “Ornament of the Mountains” completed in August 2016

“During 1995 I laid my hands on Peter Matthiessen’s The Snow Leopard (1978) in which the author bemoans his failure to find the elusive snow leopard. Fast forward thirty years, I found the dusty dog-eared book again, at the bottom corner of a box. Was this serendipity or fate? I had just watched the 2013 film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty that features a chilled Sean Penn as the wildlife photographer extraordinaire Sean O’Connell. I heard O’Connell growl sexily to Mitty “They call the snow leopard the ghost cat. Never lets itself be seen”. Mitty asks “Ghost cat? “ and O’Connell’s response had me hooked “ Beautiful things don’t ask for attention”.

I immediately researched a trip to India, into the rocky, snowy Himalaya. As a child I had loved any mention of the Abominable Snowman or Yeti…….” For more contact me. Here are some of the photos used to accompany this copy.

Copy editing

The most commonly copy edited manuscripts include journal articles, conference submissions, and dissertations/theses.

Copy editing services include checking for proper punctuation, spelling, grammar, grammatical structure, and style consistency. This edit also includes checking the manuscript for adherence to a general style (APA, MLA, Harvard) or specific house style sheet.

My expertise as an editor allows me to evaluate your manuscript before publication.  Copy editing services are billed by the hour and you are always entitled to a free quote for services. For current copy editing prices, please see contact me


Unlike copy editing, proofreading is the final stage of review before a manuscript is published in a journal or submitted elsewhere. Proofreading is a final attempt to remove all errors from the text before it is accepted for final publishing approval by an editor or committee. Concerned with grammar, spelling, and sentence structure, proofreading is an excellent way to put that final polish on a manuscript before it appears in print or is accepted by a committee as a completed work.

My proofreading services include the same high quality attention to detail as found in my copy editing services. However, with proofreading, I am less concerned with the content of the manuscript and more concerned with its ability to deliver a message regardless of what that message is. Proofreading services are billed by the hour and you are always entitled to a free quote for services. For current copy editing prices, please see contact me: