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Environmental media training programs

I teach SCUBA and take snorkeling trips regularly as I love to show people the ocean life and teach a little bit while having a lot of fun. Click on SCUBA or snorkeling if you are keen to join.

Annually, between the months of May and October , my team and I focus on training the next generation of environmental media specialists. I run three programs that focus on skills that I have mastered during my years of experience. These programs are designed to offer real life practical training in the disciplines of (a) underwater photography, (b) travel and environmental journalism (c) wildlife and travel photography. The programs are designed primarily for young aspiring professionals looking to enhance their practical skills during gap-year or university/college breaks, but are open to anyone who has a month free who wants to develop a new set of skills, whilst on an African adventure of a lifetime. The programs are run through my company, Africa Media. If you are interested in attending,send me a mail via this site and I will connect you with one of my awesome team who can tell you more about what each program involves. Breaking news:  In 2016 program (b) will be open from Nov 2016 right through to next season.


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